Porcini Mushroom Stock Cubes BIO, (6*10g)


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Järve keskus (10 Laos)
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Porcini mushroom broth without flavor enhancers, with vegetable protein. Suitable for use in soups, vegetables, sauces, meat dishes, risotto, eggs. Use: dissolve 1 cube per 500ml of water and boil for a few minutes for best results.

Ingredients: soy and corn vegetable protein extract, salt 37%, palm oil, dried porcini mushrooms 7.9%, dried vegetables in varying proportions (carrot, onion, potato, tomato, parsley, leek, garlic, celery) 3.9%, extra virgin olive oil 3 .6%.

Nutritional information
Average value per 100g:
Energy content 931 kJ/223 kcal
Fats 14 g
-of which saturated fatty acids 6.7 g
Carbohydrates 8.8 g
-of which sugars 2.5 g
Fiber 2.9 g
Proteins 2.9 g
Salt 51.8 g